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Collected by Marcus Rediker

Wilmino Domond

Wilmino Domond (1925- ) is an important figure in the second generation of Haitian artists. A coffee farmer who lives in the mountains outside Jacmel, he was inspired to take up painting by his cousin Castera Bazile, one of the leading first-generation artists. Domond began to paint in his spare time, joined the Centre d’Art in 1948, and achieved significant international fame. He became, for a short time, the teacher of the surrealist Célestin Faustin. Domond paints vibrant, joyous scenes – from vodou ceremonies to Biblical parables – in intricate designs and bright colors. Several members of his family – Ezene, Hugues, and Destin Domond – have become accomplished painters.

“Songe de Jacob,” (Jacob’s Dream) 1967, Oil on masonite, 16in x 48in

“Songe de Jacob,” (Jacob’s Dream) 1967
Oil on masonite, 16in x 48in


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