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Collected by Marcus Rediker

Gerald Valcin

Gerard ValcinGerard Valcin (1923-1988) was another important figure in the second generation of Haitian painters. The poverty of his family limited him to only three years of schooling. He eventually became a tile setter. This work experience influenced his art, which was characterized by repetitive and symmetrical balance and design. Encouraged by DeWitt Peters, he joined the Centre d’Art in 1950. Two of his special subjects are the rituals of vodou, in which worshipers dressed in clothing of stylized folds dance or kneel in circles around the center of the ceremony, and the ritual of rural work, the coumbite (see painting below), in which men hoe in collective rhythm and women carry their produce to market in baskets on their heads. Valcin comes from an artistic family. His half-brother, Pierre-Joseph Valcin, is a painter, as is his nephew, Favrange Valcin (Valcin II).

Art by Gerard Valcin

"Coumbité," 5se/1962
Oil on masonite, 12" x 48"

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